This past September, the Montreal Canadiens and RBC announced a multi-year partnership agreement that will feature the RBC logo on the players’ jerseys during their home games at the Bell Centre, starting this season. This partnership, along with the RBC logo on the team’s jerseys, is trashing “la Sainte-Flanelle” at a time when the public is increasingly critical of the greenwashing efforts of private companies, including banks.

RBC is Canada’s biggest fossil fuel bank, and the 5th largest fossil fuel funder in the world. Since 2016, RBC has provided $264 billion Canadian to the fossil fuel industry. In 2021, RBC increased its fossil fuel funding by C$23 billion, doubling its funding from the previous year.

The first match of the Montreal Canadiens is an opportunity to shed light on RBC’s deceptive tactics, and the real impact their investments in the fossil industry is already having on younger generations and frontline communities. Join us in denouncing RBC and their dirty investments.

The campaign to cross out the RBC logo has taken social media by storm, and was also covered in the media:

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