We can’t stop climate chaos if banks like RBC don’t stop funding fossil fuels

Canada’s biggest bank, RBC, talks about “purpose” and says climate change is a critical issue. But its funding practices tell a different story:

$208 Billion in fossil fuels

Since Paris, the fifth biggest fossil bank on Earth

Financing Coastal GasLink + Line 3

Projects that violate Indigenous rights

$14 Billion in Coal

Making RBC the world's 12th largest funder of coal

It’s code red for humanity, but while our planet literally burns, banks like RBC are pouring more fuel on the fire.

Join the growing global movement to stop the funders of climate change.

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Latest news and updates

November 1, 2021

Actions at dozens of RBC branches across country, around world

Just before the start of the UN climate conference, hundreds of people across Canada showed up to deliver a message to Canada’s biggest fossil fuel funder, RBC: it must divest from fossil fuels and respect Indigenous rights!

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October 29, 2021

On the eve of COP26, thousands protest RBC for its refusal to stop financing new fossil fuel projects

Montreal / Toronto / Vancouver — Thousands of Canadians across the country are today protesting Canada’s largest bank, RBC, which refuses to stop financing fossil fuels.

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October 26, 2021

Defund Climate Chaos global day of action in 26 countries this Friday

The #DefundClimateChaos day of action is this Friday, 29th of October is just days away.

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