We can’t stop climate chaos if banks like RBC keep funding fossil fuels

Canada’s biggest bank, RBC, talks about “purpose” and says climate change is a critical issue. But its funding practices tell a different story:

$262 Billion in fossil fuel funding since Paris

Making RBC the fifth biggest fossil bank on Earth

Financing Coastal GasLink + Line 3

Projects that violate Indigenous rights

51% increase in tar sands financing in 2021

Lending $34.5B to the world's dirtiest energy project since 2016

It’s code red for humanity, but while our planet literally burns, banks like RBC are pouring more fuel on the fire.

Join the growing global movement to stop the funders of climate change.

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October 6, 2022

Open letter to Dave McKay on real leadership

Photo credit: Stella Racca, Instagram: @stella_by_starlight__

RBC CEO Dave McKay recently told the Toronto Star editorial board that RBC – the world’s 5th biggest funder of fossil fuels – was a climate leader.

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October 2, 2022

Should banks be penalized for investing in oil and gas?

After the Toronto Star ran a questionable editorial board interview featuring RBC CEO Dave McKay earlier this week, it was good to see a column that connected the dots between recent climate related disasters, record profits from oil and gas companies, and banks like RBC who continue to fund the endless expansion of fossil fuels that a climate safe world can no longer afford.

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September 2, 2022

RBC, other big 5 banks risk being ejected from UN climate club

In the run-up to the UN climate summit last November, Canada’s banks were among the last mainstream banks to join the Mark Carney-led global climate banking alliance.

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