Tell RBC to stop funding climate destruction and violations of Indigenous rights

RBC is the biggest funder of fossil fuels in Canada, and the 5th biggest in the world. We can't solve climate change until banks like RBC stop funding more fossil fuels. Sign our partner LeadNow's petition to demand RBC stops funding the climate crisis and trampling Indigenous rights.

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Tell RBC to Defund Line 3

Enbridge is currently building the Line 3 tar sands pipeline. If built, Line 3 would destroy the sacred wild rice beds that the Anishinaabe people depend on for their food, culture and way of life. Line 3 would contribute as much damage to our climate as 50 new coal-fired power plants, and it would endanger more than 800 wetlands and 200 waterways.

Call RBC CEO Dave McKay now

Pledge to switch where you bank

One way to pressure banks to end funding of climate destruction is to pledge to move your own banking until they do, and let them know. There are two separate pledges to not bank with Canada's Big 5 banks until they make meaningful commitments to climate and Indigenous rights, one for youth, one for adults. Their online tools make it easy.

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About the campaign

RBC Revealed is a campaign organized by climate NGOs and social movements working together to secure a climate-safe future for all.

Unfortunately, the big banks have to be pushed. Despite much climate rhetoric, Canada's Big 5 banks continue to pour billions of dollars each year into the very companies violating Indigenous rights and making the climate crisis worse. They need to divest from fossil fuel companies at the same time they increase investments in solutions.

RBC Revealed is part of a global movement pressuring the biggest funders of climate chaos. We will continue to push RBC and the other Canadian banks until they stop making the climate crisis worse.