Tell RBC to defund climate chaos

RBC is the largest fossil fuel funding bank in Canada, and funds projects that violate Indigenous rights around the world. Despite recent climate announcements, RBC continues to pour billions into fossil fuel expansion. Sign the petition (at our partner STAND) to demand RBC clean up its act.

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Tell Ottawa to Regulate the Banks

Canada's big banks are using your money to fuel the climate crisis. Canada's banks are among the top 15 worst banks on climate in the world. The federal government needs to step in and regulate our financial system to protect us all from bank profiteering.

Write to Trudeau and Freeland

Support Indigenous led resistance

After the disastrous 2023 AGM in Saskatoon where Indigenous and frontline leaders were greatly disrespected by RBC, Indigenous Climate Action is leading a delegation to the 2024 RBC AGM in Toronto.

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About the campaign

RBC Revealed is a distributed campaign organized by NGOs, Indigenous groups, shareholder activists, and grassroots social movements working together to stop the biggest funders of climate chaos.

Unfortunately, Canada's big banks have to be pushed. Despite much climate talk, Canada's Big 5 banks continue to pour billions of dollars each year into the very companies violating Indigenous rights and making the climate crisis significantly worse. When all the science says we need to cut emissions in half by the end of the decade, banks like RBC keep supporting endless fossil fuel expansion. They need to divest from fossil fuel companies at the same time they increase investments in solutions.

We are part of a global network called Bank on our Future that is demanding the biggest funders of climate chaos act, and that governments to step in and regulate them when they won't. We will continue to pressure RBC and the other Canadian banks until they stop making the climate crisis worse.