Over the last few years, a growing movement has been building momentum to stop the money pipeline to tar sands, oil and gas projects that will ruin our climate and violate Indigenous rights. As we approach the global climate talks in Glasgow, we are coming together to demand “fossil banks” like RBC stop funding fossil fuels.

On October 29 people around the world are planning a day of action against the biggest funders of climate chaos. In Canada that means Canada’s biggest fossil bank, RBC, needs to feel the pressure from coast to coast to coast.

By forcing banks like RBC to quit fossil fuel financing and respect Indigenous rights, we can cut the fossil fuel industry’s lifeline, accelerate a just transition for workers, and protect us from the worst of climate chaos. Without this pressure banks will keep pouring billions into fossil fuels every year.

Will you join us on a call to prepare for Oct 29?


Across the country, a growing network of Indigenous Land Defenders, NGOs, climate activists, and student strikers are preparing actions for Oct 29. We will highlight our key demand: that RBC respect Indigenous People’s right to free, prior, and informed consent for any use of their lands and stop funding fossil fuels. Together we can remake this country and achieve harmony with Indigenous Peoples and nature.

We are inviting thousands of people like yourself across the country to join us in a webinar. We will hear from Indigenous Land Defenders and others affected by RBC’s investments. We will also conduct a training about how you can be part of this movement. As part of hundreds of actions across the US, UK, Europe, and more, we need RBC to feel the pressure at branches across the country.

4th of October 4pm PST (7 EST) – sign up here!